Guidelines to Submit

The Floyd Hooker Foundation — a trust established by Floyd “Vic” Hooker in his will to benefit the children in Tioga County. The Floyd Hooker Foundation supports grants in the areas of helping children in Tioga County. Grants are limited to qualified tax exempt organizations that benefit the children in Tioga County.

Grants fund operational (limited funding), equipment, capital and special project needs. All capital improvement and large purchases (single purchases in excess of $10,000) must submit 3 bids for the work/equipment being purchased.

Emphasis is placed on organizations with clear goals and objectives that demonstrate their results with measurable outcomes.

The Floyd Hooker Foundation limits its grant making activities to tax-exempt organizations serving the children who live in Tioga County, New York, and does not make grants to individuals or churches for religious purposes.

Only one grant may be awarded to the same organization for the same purpose during the same calendar year. The Foundation calendar year will run from January 1st through December 31st.

Any recipients that have received previous grants from the Floyd Hooker Foundation and have not submitted their final report will not be considered for additional grant funding until the final report has been submitted for their previous grant(s).